Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Social Gathering and Mooncake Festival

Hey I just finished my mock today and there is still exam going .Hence i will just briefly explain what happen last 2 month . We organised Social Gathering which the theme was Relieving Childhood Memories . Many people attended the event and it was a great succe !!Many students asked us what else activity we going to organise for them . I would say there more activities to come. So stay tuned. Few weeks back SAC committee celebrated mooncake festival with childrens from Trinity home .The kids had fun and so do we ! . Before i signing off , below are the pictures

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Hey people !! I hope you guys are doing good and I would like to say congratulations to those who passed their papers and to those who didnt make it , do not give up !! .Back to topic , Last week SAC organised a camp in Broga , Semenyih involving  100 + participants from CAT , CFAB , ACCA and ICAEW . There were also talk session by corporates such as KPMG and BDO , THANK YOU for the talk !!. On behalf of SAC I would like to say thank you to those participants who went for camp . We were happy  to meet everyone of you !!. I hope everyone of you enjoy playing those activities such as waterfall abseiling , rock climbing and rapid tubing , flying fox and many more . Ok thats it for now let the pics do the talking :)

winning team for tower !! Congrats !!


Group 1-3 Rock Climbing !!

Everyone !!

Attempting obstacle course but......

Campfire performance

Saturday, April 28, 2012

CAT Graduation & ACCA Graduation

Hi people !! Its been a long time since i post here  due to busy with classes and exam going on...I would say april month is busy month for SAC as there is mock and graduation going on but nevertheless all went well :) . CAT Graduation was held in MPH @Sunway University College and the graduation went smoothly thanks to teamwork of SAC committee .Last week was ACCA graduation , the graduation was held at Sunway Convention Centre . There were approximately 500+ people including graduates, parents , VVIP and many more . The graduation went well  thanks to our committee members and ex-committes of SAC ..Thank you !!! . I would like to wish congrats to those who graduates CAT & ACCA !!!
Below are the pics :)
CAT Graduation 

ACCA Gradution 

 Peace Out ! 
Bye .

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sunway International Students Gathering

Hey guys !! I am sorry because i have no time to blog about SAC events due to progress test and all...After finishing progress test now i have more time to blog about it..In 1st March SAC helped Sunway - Tes Admin to organise talk for Sunway international Students .There were games played during the gathering and Mr Teo gave a talk regarding ACCA . Overall the event was went smoothly thanks to SAC committee and and Admin staffs .
Below are the pics ..:)

 SAC 2012 Roarrr !!

Last but  not  least,  I would like to wish Happy Birthday TO  SAC COMMITTE ROY .

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Charity week 2012 !!

Charity drive is finally over !! On behalf on SAC , I would like to thank to those who supported us during the charity week .Other than that , I would like to express my gratitude to ex- SAC committee for helping us out :) .
Below are pics of charity week :

Bye !! :)